Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hello Sec 1s! Hope all of you had a fun first practice today hahaha. Anyway, SN STRINGERS! 20th March is coming soon :S and so is 17th April :SS and so is SYF :SSS SO!!! Continue to work hard ANDDDD persevere! This year, we want to hear screams and sounds of happiness when the results are being announced and not complete silence like 2005. SO WOOHOOOOOOO LET'S CHEER AND PRANCE AROUND WITH ULTIMATE JOY! Hahaha okay I don't know why I did that for.

Okaywokay! The fun super uber fun terribly fun recess practices will resume this coming Monday! :D

Oh yes, please pray for Mr. Chan that he comes home safely and that he doesn't get stabbed in the heart by a random stingray <3


Friday, February 23, 2007

The CNY holidays are over, everybody's groaning, why do we have to go back to school? Seems such a bore after all that pigging out and angbao collecting. Alas, it's just a way of life for students here in singapore.

I suddenly find that my eyes are heavier, somewhat, during lessons. Especially Math periods. Does anybody have a possible theory as to why? [Is it the Teacher?]

I know this post is not related whatsoever to music, much less strings, but oh well.

It's a refreshing change, if I must say so myself.

I don't really sound myself today. Ah well.

-- Mary-Anne

Saturday, February 10, 2007

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR SENIORS FOR THEIR FAAANTAABULOUS RESULTS! And a SPECIAL very SPECIAL congratulations to our ex student conductor MISS FARRICA KOH YUE QUAN for getting the top O level scorer, Lee Poh See Academic AND Aesthetics awards! We are terribly proud of you :D

13th February, Tuesday --> Auditions by the sexy Mr. Chan Wei Shing (CCA Time)
16th February, Friday --> SNSO's 10th birthday celebrations at the canteen (Recess)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Hello! Can all those who have any pictures of strings (random funny pictures with your section mates or cca mates or teachers- in- charge or conductor blahblah/ jubilate photos/SYF photos/ aiya, anything la. vidoes also can.) pass it to me as soon as possible? You can pass it to me through anything except email. But if possible, it would be better if you all could burn it into a CD. Like one whole bunch of people share one CD? I hope you all can really pass the photos/videos to me cause.. I mean, it would be very umm nice to look back at old times right! And maybe for the next generations to come, they can go, "EH! So that's how strings was 10 years ago!". Righhhhhht, anyway, ya, pass it to me asap yeah?

Samantha :D
Jubilate IV
11th May 2006
University Cultural Centre
Combined Performing Arts concert

I wonder why they can't come up with a new name -__-