Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hey green badges!

VJSE DSA is on the 7th and 21st June! Please do come down and take part in the audition. Go to this website to to check it out(:

VJSE has just held our annual concert and we will be holding it again next year! We hope that you will join us next year too! On the 10th of July this year, we will be combining with VJCO and players from Hong Kong, Macau and China under the hong kong conductor in charge of this exchange programme (: we'll be flying to hong kong to have a concert with them in december then to Macau and China! It's a brand new experience for the ensemble. If we were to play well towards the end of the year, this exchange programme will become an annual event(: He has also spotted talent among the players. Some of you may know Grace, our senior from the yellow batch, she was the viola SL and the conductor felt that she would be a loss to the music world when she did not want to study music. You, too, can have this experience (: So do come down and try!

OH!If you do get into VJSE via DSA, you'll be invited to join us in december and get a complementary ticket (: how fun is that? SUPERB

Other than strings, VJ will ensure that you'll have a fun time through your junior college life! (:

I hope to see you guys then (: Thanks (: