Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hi stringers:)

Its 3weeks and 1 day left to syf!
Our syf pieces may sound boring to us right now but we can't give up. We're nearing the end, so put in your best and enjoy the pieces!

We've improved alot from our concert in our technique and intonation but what we're lacking of now is our musicality. Like what Ms Loo said, we need to have character and colour in our pieces, not just notes. And our contrast in dynamics is still not great enough yet.

Anyway, I've uploaded 3 videos below- the first post is nanyang girls recording and the second post is both RI's recording. Listen to it by tomorrow. They are really good, so listen and try to see how we can improve:)

So, continue to practice hard and enjoy the pieces as well! Rest well, drink lots of water(its getting hazy again) and make sure you keep yourself healthy! We can't have anyone getting sick just before SYF! GOODNIGHT!:)

Anne Maria