Monday, January 21, 2008

Hello all :)

Your lovely senior Jana is back to update this stale pretty blog! And since I haven't loaded my share of SOME Japan trip photos, I shall take this chance to do so too (as I am, obviously, very bored as well) :D

So, this is Mt. Fuji! I tried my best to photoshop it so the mountain looks, at least, visible in lieu of the bright, very eye glaring sunlight.

The Yellows at the toilet stop JUST before the ascent to Mt. Fuji (where handsome Japanese soldiers were aplenty)

Disneyland! Beside Alice's Teaparty a.k.a the spinning teacups.
The BEST SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM YOU CAN EVER GET - in flavours of Vanilla, Peach, Lavender and one more which I forgot.

Tada. A hint of the ancient Japanese civilization in a SHOPPING MALL! Yes, a shopping mall.

The place where we had some really good hotplate beefy thing AND had those paddly kind of goose/duck boats kind of thing which we were so, so tempted to sit.

And this, my dears, is a Bullet Train station. Not a Subway Station, a Bullet Train station (SNSO girls are a classy bunch indeed) hahahaha.

And there you go, the funniest thing in a century. Hot, warm Corn Soup straight from a vending machine at once again, the Bullet Train station! For only 120Yen, it is indeed good stuff.

AHHHAAAAA NYEH NYEH we had Japanese BBQ! Drool.

Another beautiful, picturesque view of Disneyland.

The hamsum bus driver that everybody loves! Kawaii neh! (The one on the left, of course)

And check out the gorrrrgeouuuuus view of the sunset from the hotel room. Land of both the rising and the setting suns!

Tada, the Tokyo Tower. Where they sold many, many SUPER ADORABLE stationery and we, as usual, were too distracted by all those kawaii stuff that we didn't even stop to marvel at the wonder of this pretty tower. But I did! Hahahahaha.

And to all jealous fans out there: This, is an arcade. Yes. Rows and rows and rows and rows of enchanting games. How pretty indeed!

And to top this amazing trip, a photo of an electronic toilet map. Yup, a TOILET MAP that actually tells you what KIND of toilet it is (squat, sit, with baby facilities, yada yada) and where the cubicle is OCCUPIED or not. Talk about amazing, eh.

Anyways, guess I'm done here! The other photos are either very, very irrelevant, or too *eh hem* private for this public blog right here. Ciao juniors!

P.S Practice hard! (yes, I know I do nag - a lot)