Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hey stringers!
Its currently 1 more week left to our concert,
and 5 more practices left to prepare for the concert!

i know that the piece might be of difficult standard, especially for the sec 1s. But hey, why not just give it your best shot and practise as much as you can? Because when you can play, you'll definitely feel very happy :)
We might be using the pieces for next year, but don't let it be an excuse that you have time to practise for next year. But instead let it make you practise even more, and make the piece even more perfect.

Approach your seniors for help if you need okay! you guys can do it :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hello Stringers!

Ahh, my last cca session has officially ended yesterday. Honestly, even though I don't like orchestra practices because I get tired from standing up all the time and my fingers hurt like hell from pressing the thick strings down, I'm going to miss all the practices.

I'm going to miss how we always complain about setting up and packing up, I'm going to miss how we always anticipate that 15 minute break, I'm going to miss practicing with the orchestra.

It was by pure luck that I got into SNSO, I'm sure if that on that day of cca auditions in sec 1, if I hadn't said that I agreed to play the bass, I wouldn't even be in this cca. I'd probably be in infocomm. But I'm glad that I said I'm okay with playing the bass, because I'm glad that I got in SNSO.

SNSO has given me such great experiences. From practicing like mad to performing in front of other people to competing, I enjoyed the three years in SNSO.

28th April 2011.

That is the most memorable date for me in the three years I've been in SNSO.

The anxiety we all felt before we got on stage, all of our hearts pounding as we looked at Mrchan to give us the cue to start. The relief after we finished playing the pieces because we knew we had done our very best and that it was enough. The immense joy we felt when the announcer said "ST16 - CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School Gold With Honours".

It felt like all those months of eating bread for recess, all those months of intense practices and blisters, was worth it.

Yellows, I hope that you guys won't give up practicing alright? I know it can be tough, especially for the majority of you who just picked up your instrument, I understand since I've been there too. But don't give up and keep practicing, you guys will definitely keep improving in your playing! Ask your seniors for help if you still can't play well, they'll be more than willing to help you, I'm sure your seniors won't bite!

So yeah, that's it for this super long post. All the best for the concert at the end of the year!!! :D


SNSO: without a doubt

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hey Stringers!

Just a short post here!

1.Remember to wear your strings tee, and pe shorts with pinafore over when you come to school! Also wear your school shoes and school socks.
2. Report by 8am! There's no reason to be late because you guys no need to set up! So please be on time.

Have a good night rest! :) Please be nice to the Minds people like what beverly and michelle have been telling you guys the past 2 cca days! And also, enjoy yourselves! :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hello Stringers! :3

My first post here hehehe :> I'm suppose to keep this blog alive... D: Anyway, i hope you guys do come to read the blog omg D: I bet all of you don't, do you! Too lazy to even click SNSO's fabulous link D: I'm digressing... i'm suppose to be here to tell you about the upcoming CIP! ):

OKAY. I hope you guys DID NOT forget about our CIP! And THE EMPTY PLASTIC BOTTLES you need to bring. I think you guys did, judging from how sloth-ish you guys were when i was making the announcement): Nonetheless, i shall repeat myself, with the 5 'W's and 1 'H' :>

WHAT: CIP with MINDS Children!
WHEN: 20 August, Saturday (9am - 12pm)
830am sharp to arrive!
WHO: SNSO obviously ^^ With YOUR INSTRUMENTS AND SCORES remember! It'd be dreadful trying to play Snake River Stomp by memory since it'd eventually become Snake River flop. Oh! And please remember we are wearing our Black Strings Tee, PE shorts and pinafore. You may remove your pinafore during activities but in and out of school is a NONO. And our dear MINDS children!(:
WHERE: School!
HOW: How what how. Just get your instruments and self here and GO WITH THE FLOOOWWW.

I didn't include WHY, because the reason of our CIP is because SNSO, being very kind-hearted and lovely, will be naturally willing to help the needy ^^ (Right?)

Okay, so please remember everything stated up there! And colouring materials. You guys will be split RANDOMLY into groups(: No negotiating or bargaining, unless you like to face the wrath of the teachers :O

Please be punctual and practise the two pieces!! :O We don't want the MINDS children to get bombarded with horrible sounds): I know SNSO can do it ^^ Good luck for CA3, and i hope to see all of you there on Saturday! :3

Monday, May 23, 2011



1) 3 T-shirts (Report in Strings tee on 8th)
3) Socks
4) Slippers
5) Toiletries
6) Sleeping bag
7) Jacket (if you need)
8) Money for dinner (around $7-$10)
9) Instruments (only those who are going for Mr. Chan's auditions)
10) Personal medication
11) Utensils (For cereal breakfast)
12) Card/Board games for section bonding time
13) Sports shoes (optional)



Friday, April 29, 2011

After Thoughts

A word now synonymous with excellence after our hard work.
Or, more specifically, SNSO.

It felt good to see tears of joy on your faces yesterday. I really wouldn't mind reliving yesterday. And I believe all of us just loved the moment, the shock, the smiles.

I'm glad we didn't give up halfway and pushed through as an orchestra. I'm glad we overcame our differences to make yesterday remain special in our hearts for many years to come. I'm glad all of you are glad.

Of course, I really have to thank EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU for your effort.

The Sec 1s for shifting our chairs and getting scolded for it;
The Sec 2s for putting aside your unhappiness and doing your best for the orchestra anyway;
The Sec 3s for working together despite difficulties and limited time;
The Sec 4s for throwing in more effort despite our seriously crazy schedules and workload.

The Violin 1s for listening more to each other on that very day (cuz that was our problem);
The Violin 2s for giving us quality with quantity (you ARE the biggest section);
The Violas for pushing yourself to your limits (I do admire your scale in Rutter);
The Cellos for keeping the tempo just fine (other than your melodies);
The Basses for providing us with the solid BASS (even with little parts to play).

Other than that, I personally want to thank the SLs and first desks as well for their tremendous effort put in to improve each individual section, especially the morning practices as we were approaching D-day.

I hope we can have an encore piece for Jubilate :D I was thinking Rosin Eating Zombies from Outer Space :D AWESOME PIECE!!!


-Valerie Foong-

Thursday, April 28, 2011

WE DID IT SNSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GOLD WITH HONOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SN Stringers are the MOST AWESOME! LOVE ALL OF YOU! (:

Love Love Love,
Jan :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Just a pretty picture to share (:


These few days of practices count a lot! So please continue to practice hard, and practice the right way. Do not give up now, if you choose to give up, then the whole orchestra will do down with you.


Please be in the MEP room at 320pm tmr & be in the hall at 230pm on wed! Make full use of these practices - focus, concentrate, play your best!


Im sure we can do it! ALL THE WAY STRINGERS! <3


Saturday, April 23, 2011

I do not care what other people think. I only care what WE think.

If we believe the pride is ours to keep, so be it.
If we believe we are good, we're good.
If we believe we will do well, we will.


We need to UNDERSTAND that we are an Honours orchestra and performing is our job. It is our role to play. It is an obligation to each and every member of the orchestra. When we put in our best, it is not for anything other than team spirit. No one would tolerate anyone who gives in halfway and just say it's over.

Because all our efforts bank on that 10 minutes on stage. No more. no less.

We go up there not to prove anyone wrong but to PROVE OURSELVES RIGHT:
Right that we can do it;
Right that we are awesome;
Right that we are not 49 people but ONE orchestra.

Mentality counts. It counts a lot.

So when we go up there, we must walk off the stage not regretting anything at all.

Instead, we walk off as true stringers with gracious steps and knowing our best -nothing less- has been given.

V. Foong

Thursday, April 21, 2011


'You can't play a symphony alone, it takes an orchestra to play it.'
Navjot Singh Sidhu

Dearest Stringers!

I'm really proud of each and every single one of you (: You have made it so far, endured all criticisms, boring practices and even bread every recess. I know all of us have put in so much since the start of January this year.

Now, we're left with SIX days.

Let's continue to hold on to one another, and spur each other on in this last week!
Next Thursday, we will leave the stage with our heads lifted, declaring that we have done our best!




7 more days to show the judges what SNSO is really made off.

7 more days to make all our hard work pay off.

We've been practising our hearts out for the past 6 months just for those 10 minutes on stage. So we CAN'T GIVE UP.

We need to HAVE FAITH in our playing. Embrace the music and relish those 10 minutes on stage. Don't care about what the other performing arts had attained for SYF. Like what Miss Quek said, the results don't matter, as long as we're able to walk off stage after performing, with the mindset that we've done our best and whatever results we get, we'll be proud of ourselves.

We STILL HAVE 7 MORE DAYS ( not only 7 more days)

Many things can be done in this 7 days to improve our standards. CONTINUE PRACTISING THE DIFFICULT PASSAGES, every effort counts and everybody matters!

I know all of us are really stressed now, but we ought to be more confident in ourselves. The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure. So we must learn to believe that we can do it alright! Do our best and God will do the rest.

So rest well for the next few days, try to listen to the recordings if you can, take note of your parts, the dynamics and articulation. PRACTISE HARD ALRIGHT?

There can be miracles
When you believe
Though hope is frail
It's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles,you can achieve
When you believe, somehow you will
You will when you believe
When You Believe by Mariah Carey


<3 VP

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


9 days more to SYF. Either we throw in the towel, accept that this is our highest standard of playing and do nothing else. OR. We accept the responsibility for changing things the way they are and make it tons better. I believe we will all aim for the latter. 9 days is less than 10 days. We are the last school. So, face it like a true stringer. We end off all the performances, we are the last act of the day, and we are going to do it well. Do it well and have no regrets whatsoever the result. That we can look back, smile and know we have done our best. And have given nothing less than that.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Hey Stringers,

It's only abt a month to SYF. Let's practice hard and really allow for no regrets at the end of this whole thing! It's the march holidays now, so i suppose most of you would have more time to do many other stuffs. Can we try to put more time into practicing our SYF pieces? Just one challenging passage a day makes a difference too! (:

do you really want that GOLD WITH HONOURS?

Love, jan

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


You probably aren't gonna get a senior like me anytime soon, but, hey, all for the betterment of the orchestra.
The amount of bread, sweat, and rosin put into this is a lot.
So, of course we wanna get a lot back.
We've lasted till this far, what's the rest of it going to be?
It's as small as that full stop.
I'm not going to put anymore cliche stuff in.
I am tired too.
We're all humans.
I hope you understand that.
Our spirit's still going on strong.
Okay, that's cliche.
But whatsoever, I love you guys, kay?
You don't love me, I don't care.
Just love what we're aiming for and strive for it.
Simple enough?
Yeah, I think it's pretty simple.
So we do it with attitude.

And style.

V. F.

im not going to post as long as them haha
so im just gonna say that we can do this!

Without a doubt right?

Love pee (as commanded by ur veepee),

Tuesday, March 08, 2011



I know i'm not your pee or veepee but i'm in charge of the strings blog so i have to post this ok?

FIRSTLY: I know you guys are all sick of the "lecturing", all the constant "YOU MUST PRACTICE HARD FOR S.O BECAUSE WE MUST GET GWH FOR SYF". Believe me, i know. In fact, all the white badges understand. We didn't come into S.O in sec 4 you know? 2 years ago ( yes we are old aunties), we were in the places of the red badges, in sec 2 and practicing for the '09 SYF. Although we knew at the time that the '09 SYF wasn't our last chance, and that we would still have this year's SYF to work hard for, we still gave the '09 SYF our very best. And that made all the difference. Because we wanted our Orchestra to do well. And so we did. It didn't matter to us that we were in sec 2, not sec 4, it didn't matter that we had 2 years worth of chances ahead of us. We tried our best. For S.O. We didn't get the GWH that the LALANG (DHS) got, but we got the very next best thing, a beautiful GOLD.


Truly, all us whites, are so proud of you, our fellow stringers, for practicing so hard, and really giving everything that you have into practicing for SYF. I'm sure you all are proud of yourselves too (YES YOU KNOW YOU ARE).

And now it's March and the clock is ticking. Is it too much to ask that all of us-every single stringer-give just that much more?

Because when SYF is over, I want all of us to be able to say "I did my best. I'm proud of my CCA" no matter what the results are. Cause really when 50 amazing stringers give everything they've got, there's no way the results can be anything less than excellent. At least to us.

SO MY DARLINGS, let's just do this right. And let's do it together. Greys and Reds, don't just go through the motions. Do it because you want to. Do it so that our CCA will be outstanding, not just to us, but to everyone. And Whites, all I can say is, LET'S DO THIS!

Just remember, if the pressure gets to much, and you feel like we're working towards nothing at all, don't keep it in okay?

Find your lovely pee, veepee, or any senior/stringer that you're comfortable with.

At the end of the day, we're not robots, we remain and will forever remain:


Lots of Love,


Friday, March 04, 2011

2011 SYF GWH! :)

Hey stringers,
SYF is around the corner. In fact, it's in approximately 30 days' time, which is quite soon. I know Mr Chan has extolled us for our efforts yesterday at Republic Polytecnic. I really hope that we would not be too self-conceited with the compliments given and let our guards down, being complacent and all.
I know Mr Chan compared us to the other orchestra, saying we were generally better than them. However, do remember that our pieces are comparatively easier as compared to theirs, and we still have many details to work on. We might be 96% ready now, but we have to be 150%, or maybe even 200% ready during SYF. I know all of us have been working really hard since the beginning of the year, and seriously, I have seen a great improvement in our orchestra. Even so, I think there are still some of us who are not putting their hearts fully into this CCA. Have you really played your best during orchestra practice? Were you playing with all your heart? Have you given SNSO your all? Reflect on it.
Our goal for SYf '2011 is Gold with Honours. Two years back, we were utterly disappointed when we only clinched a Gold Award. I remember many of us cried when the judges announced the results. We expected more than just a Gold award. We wanted the Honours. My heart sank as I saw the disappointed faces of our seniors. I have to admit that it was a strenuous struggle preparing for SYF the other time, given that the pieces were extremely difficult, but eventually we managed to overcome this stumbling block and we played our best for SYF. Although we did not emerge as a GWH orchestra, but we know we had made our seniors and teachers proud. Only one school was awarded GWH and we could only console ourselves for not achieving GWH based on that reason. Many whites promised to do better for the next SYF, to achieve the GWH.
And that 'next syf', is the one happening in a month's time. Are we worthy enough to be announced as a GWH orchestra? Are we really up to standard already? We initiated daily recess practice so that you guys will practise together as a section, to practise together as a level, so that eventually we will be able to play together as ONE ORCHESTRA. Like what the teachers and seniors have said, our individuals may not play as well as players from orchestras of the elite schools, however, the advantage that we have over them, is that we are able to play together as one orchestra. Just as the saying goes, ' United we stand, divided we fall'. We are in a way interdependent on each other. Everybody has a role to play in this orchestra, everybody is of utmost importance and nobody is to be left out.
This is definitely going to be a long and gruelling journey. but I believe that as long as we put in our 100%, at the end of this, we'll be able to look back and smile, knowing that we have tried our best. This is the last 100m, and every nitty gritty detail does matter. Would you feel better if we were awarded a Gold and was only 2 or even 1 mark away from GWH or if we attained a Silver? If I had to choose between the two, I would choose the latter. I would feel so guilty knowing that if I had practised a little more we could have have achieved more. SO, stringers, I really hope that whatever I have mentioned has been able to move you to practise harder. Practise because you really want the GWH, because you really want to do it for the CCA and because you really LOVE this CCA so much that you'll do anything just to make sure we attain what we want to glorify it. Feel the music; play like you've never had before.

This has been a rather long post, but I really hope you guys know what I'm trying to convey. And don't be to offended alright. 良药苦口利于病,忠言逆耳利于行。Practise hard, for with faith, nothing is impossible. Juniors, if you guys have any difficulties come and approach us alright, we can talk things out. After all we're not that scary. Jiayou. I really love you guys! <3

Love your veepee.

Saturday, January 01, 2011


2011 = GWH year (:

Take note:

Subsequently, there would be cca on 6th jan (thurs), 7th jan (fri)
and 8th jan (sat) - about 745am-130pm
That's for CCA fair!