Monday, November 04, 2013

The New Exco :D

Hey Guys!

I'm sure some of you out there still do not know some of the positions the different people are running!

And especially since this year is one of the special alternate years when we have SYF, some of our Sec 1 juniors do not really know their seniors too well, vice versa.

Try to socialize among the other color badges too! :D I can guarantee that most of them are really nice when you get to know them better! <3 nbsp="" p="">
So, here's the Exco positions and their members!

President Zhi Shyuan

Vice President Jean Hann

Concert Mistress Jaz

Assistant Concert Mistress  Yi Man 

Student Conductor Xiao Wen

Secretary Nicole (Ong)

Welfare and Co Evonne and Xiao Wen

Assistant Welfare and Co Glenda

Librarian Ting Hsuan

Assistant Librarian Esther

Sec 1 Level Co Nicole (Lim)

Sec 2 Level Co Renee

Sec 3 Level Co Carissa

Violin II SL Valerie

Violin II ASL Glenda

Viola SL Zanna

Viola ASL Carissa

Cello SL Rachel

Cello ASL Xin Ying

Bass SL Zhi Shyuan

Bass ASL Germaine

Hope this helps you get to know the different positions of the Exco board better!

~Glenda :D

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jiayou for our upcoming performances! :)

Hello Stringers! :)

Hmm just like what most of you know, all of you will be playing for Open House, while some will be playing for the Official Opening. However, whether or not you will be participating in the Official Opening, each and everyone of you play an important role no matter what section you are in, so never belittle yourself!
Although it might just be a one-time performance to you all, but it might also be because of that one performance that captivates our little possible-future-妹妹们 to join SNSO haha :)
Hmm and for us to put up a great performance, we've to practice reallyreally hard! This explains the many practices that we will be having during the holidays, and I hope that you all will put your heart and soul into every practice. Yes, it will be tiring and boring at times because we're playing the same pieces over and over again. However, don't don't don't give up, because each and everyone of you are more important than you think you are! And for our stringers who might have trouble with some parts of the pieces, feel free to ask your SLs or ASLs and I'm sure they're more than willing to help you with it! :)

And hahaha one last thing! Remember to smileeeeeeeeee and sway to the music as you play! :))) Because number one, it looks scary when you don't smile as you play :/ And number two, it shows that you enjoy the music (haha I really hope you do enjoy it though) You guys reallyreallyreally look pretty when you smile so do smile more often :D Haha to me it feels really heartwarming to see you all smile :') Haha so smile and sway because no one wants to look like stones stones aren't nice they don't smile they stone so don't stone because stones stone and no we don't want to be stones so smile and sway :D

Jiayou my dear Stringers! :)
And I believe we can do this,
Because we're Without a Doubt, one SNSO 

Lubdub, Zhi Shyuan :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Jokes For You?

Hey guys!

Happy Sunday! Well, tomorrow is Monday... Time to face the Monday bluezz again... Here's some orchestra jokes to cheer you up! :D

(Let me just establish the fact that these jokes are wonderful and amazing.) 

How many second violinists does it take to change a light bulb?
None. They can't get up that high! 

A double bass player arrived a few minutes late for the first rehearsal of the local choral society's annual performance of Handel's Messiah.
He picked up his instrument and bow, and turned his attention to the conductor. The conductor asked, "Would you like a moment to tune?"
The bass player replied with some surprise, "Why? Isn't it the same as last year?"

How do you tell the difference between a violinist and a dog?
The dog knows when to stop scratching.

String players' motto: "It's better to be sharp than out of tune."

What's the difference between a viola and a trampoline?
You take your shoes off to jump on a trampoline.

What's the difference between a viola and an onion?
No one cries when you cut up a viola.

Hope these jokes relieve your Monday bluezz! 

You can also practice your sadness away ;)

Good luck for your EOY results! 

~Glenda ^_^

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Upcoming Teacher's Day Performance

Hey Guys :)

There's an upcoming teacher's day performance this Thursday! We are going to play Viva La Vida, Mantras, or even both! Remember to practice really hard! We need that extra sound in everyone!

Remember not to rely on your seniors to "cover up" for you. It's best if you can play the song as well as we really need that extra instrument to make our orchestra play to its fullest potentials. Even if only one of you don't play, it can really affect the sound of the whole orchestra!

Practice whenever you can from today up to this coming Thursday! We need to give the teachers a good impression on our amazing LOVELY CCA!

Work hard! Happy weekend! ^_^

~ Glenda :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

CIP Instructions

Hey stringers! :)
i'm still trying to figure out how to update the blog, so give me sometime :D Anyway here are the instructions as well as the groupings for CIP this coming Saturday, so please take a look! 

here's the activity plan
welcome speech
introduce the instruments ( SLs of each section play a simple piece)
Play pieces
-Mantras (main orch)
-A-roving (main orch)
- Palladio          ( trainee orch)
Musical chairs

- some people will be in charge   of setting up the chairs 
- try to be nice to the minds people and let them win. so don't snatch the chairs away from them
- the music that will be played may be quite childish for you guys,( eg. ABC song and some other baby songs )  but please do not laugh about it especially in front of the minds people

9.45-10.05pass the parcel

At the canteen
 sit in groups
( to ensure that all of you get to socialise with the minds children and not just stick with  your own group of friends)
Arts and crafts
-Folding origamis
-decorating stickers
 sit in your own groups in MPR1
Mass dance ( the chicky dance)
Thank-you speech

we need all of you to participate, so please cooperate! :)

here are some reminders :
1)Please remember to wear strings tee on saturday
2) put your instrument cases in the utility room, and meet in the MPR1 with your instruments by 8am for briefing and to set up. dont be late!
3) I must emphasize this.. Please be really really nice to the minds children! try to socialize with them, dont just talk among yourselves.
4)Please remember to bring coloured pens/pencils for decorating the stickers.

 here are the groupings:
        group 1
  • nicole ong (L)
  • jaz loh
  • yuet ying
  • renee
  • gwyneth
  • rafaela nicole
  • sharon 
  • phylicia
group 2
  • rachel ngu(L)
  • ting hsuan
  • sijin
  • theodora
  • rebecca
  • madelaine
  • jermayne
group 3
  • wenqi(L)
  • denise tan
  • ching yung
  • tricia
  • xin jie
  • xindi
  • yueyun
group 4
  • yiman(L)
  • roslyn
  • victoria
  • amanda
  • tanya
  • cheryl
  • glenda
group 5
  • germaine(L)
  • esther
  • maegan
  • valerie
  • natasha gwendolyn
  • nicole rui
  • clarisse
so basically, you guys just need to remember who your group leader is if you cant remember the rest of your group mates . we'll be sitting in groups during art and crafts session and break time.
there will be around 4 minds children in each of the group. :-)

that's about it! 
i hope you guys will enjoy CIP :)

From: Evonne :)

Monday, April 22, 2013



Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2 days left!!
it's really the last last lap!

Just some stuff for you guys to see:D

Someone found a picture of string players trying to play a piano.


Don't let this happen to us!!! haha

Superhero orchestra LOL






I just thought that everyone needed to see this picture of the Cleveland Orchestra bass section dressed up as the Avengers




That Thor is wearing glasses and excuse me I need to go find him.

Life complete


All these are from
Go check it out if you want:)

JYs all the way! rest well too:]

^^, Ellen

SNSO without a doubt

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello stringers!

A tay's joke is damn funny! Hahahah I burst out laughing during tuition and everyone stared at me. HAHA!

Okay, rmb there's morning prac tmr and wed! And please hand up your forms by tmr if you haven't to either your level cos or me.

On Thursday, remember to bring your costume and heels! And not forgetting your bow and instruments and extra strings. For your makeup, Amanda Tay will give you guys a talk on Wednesday :D

Stay healthy this few days! I'm starting to fall sick already, so drink more water okay! And don't strain your muscles during PE! Don't eat too much fried food too. Continue to practice! Jiayou!

'It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light' - Aristotle Onassis

Without a doubt  SNSO:)

Anne Maria:)

Cat + Parrot = Friends

Hey guys! It's Monday. Mondays suck. So here's a CUTE CUTE CUTE picture for ya'll!!

I mean, at least I think it's cute. Look at the bird. It's like rubbing itself on the cat's butt. They're so totally friends.

If a parrot and a cat can be friends, we can get distinction too!! At least we can talk to each other. How the hell do the cat and the parrot communicate? *Chirp, chirp, CHIIRRPP* *mew mew mew MEOW*

Oh wells. 3 more days. 3 is a nice number. 3 musketeers, 3 blind mice, the 3 fates in mythology.

Hang in there everyone!

Love and goodnight,

p.s. If any of you know who's tearing down our beloved strings board, please tell the reds or smth. It's quite sad.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dear stringers!:)

Just a quote before I sleep:)

'Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is just to try one more time.' - Thomas A Edison

So, remember, don't give up right now. It's the last few meters. Push yourself harder and we will be rewarded. Never ever stop trying. I trust that we will do our best for that 5-10 minutes on stage and we will prove that we are up to standard:) 加油!WE CAN DO THIS!

Anne Maria
Hello stringers, reminder: there is morning prac tmr, 7am. Your SLs will tell you where it will be at:)

Anw, 4 DAYS LEFT. Think of the distinction and believe that we can get it! Put in your all when you practice this few days. Believe that we can do it and strive towards the top! Jiayou!:)

Anne Maria:)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hey stringers! 5 more days to syf! Continue to work towards the DISTINCTION!

Just some reminders!
Practice on wednesday is 2.30-4, those who end earlier help to set up before that:)

On Thursday,
By 7.50, change, do your makeup, tie french braid and EAT.
(Those who can come earlier please do so cause the toilets will be very crowded)
We Will do a run through from 8-8.40.
Pack your instruments, and assemble at the forum by 8.50 latest.

Continue to practice! I believe we can make our syf a memorable and enjoyable one!
Get your intonation right and convince yourself to move more this last 5 days. It ain't much but we can do this as a whole. JIAYOU:) it's our final lap! Dare to be the difference and make the difference!  PRACTICE!

Without a doubt,
Anne Maria:)
hey guys!
Continue to work hard! just a few more days! Anyway, most of the grey badgers are not able to go and support you all cause we have lessons! Just remember the 3 most important things.
Always look at Mr Chan, Enjoy+Sway to the music and SMILE:)

Reds, SYF is like going to be one of your last ( or maybe it is your last) performance with the Orchestra! Cherish the last few pracs you have and make sure you play with no regrets during that precious 10 mins on stage! You all have worked really hard and i know it is even harder since you all have to manage both SYF and your preparation for Os. Persevere for the next few days and study hard after SYF!

Yellows, this is your ONE AND ONLY SYF. Some of you (okay maybe only Denise) went for the previous SYF but for the majority of you, its the first and your last! give it your best and make sure you listen to your seniors! Watch how they play ( like which part of the bow they use and stuff) and most importantly, be confident! You guys are gonna step up soon to lead the orchestra!

Blues, although some of you did not have to chance to join the Main Orch this time, its okay. Cause you have another SYF 2 years later which means you have to work harder! Learn from your seniors and try to prac when you have the time! You guys improved alot but you just have to work even harder so that you can be even better! For those who get to play this year, cherish it. Anyway as a whole,  you guys will be the next leaders for the next SYF so better learn from the Reds how to manage your time...

Jiayou stringers! Quoting from Jan, " Each of you matters and this is YOUR orchestra. So sway like you never did and look at Mr Chan (& his baton) like you never realised how charming he is:) The resounding applause at the end will be an assurance of your efforts!"

Your seniors are really proud of all of you:)

All the best!


Friday, April 12, 2013


Hey guys!! :)
Can you all believe it? SYF in 6 days!! It seemed like yesterday when we first got canzonetta and I was wrinkling my nose cause it was like the conductor score. We've really come such a long long way from then. 

I know we all are kinda sick and tired of playing those two pieces over and over again, but I tell you, that 10 minutes on stage when we play our best will definitely be worth all the effort we put in. Yes, even the mindless repeating and intonation perfecting. Trust us, we'd been there, done that 2 years ago. And we whined too before SYF.

Anyway. The point is, PLAY YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST. I'm not gonna say that the results don't matter, cause we all know they do, but the journey really counts too. Next year, or two years later, I bet you all will look back at this and smile. And the reason of that smile is because you know we played our bestest and got what we deserved (distinction, obviously). Plus, I even bet you all will be trying to play these 2 SYF pieces again, and seriously relishing the memory. (and maybe even telling your juniors how awesome we were then:)   )

Like what Valerie said the other day, "There is no room for mistakes."

And that's really true. Leave the stage smiling and knowing you did your best for yourself, and for the orchestra. Because the regret you have after leaving the stage might just stay with you forever until you leave SNSO. Not being melodramatic here.

So here's the stuff to do on that day to make sure you leave the stage beaming:
1) Stare at Mr Chan and your SL. Like seriously. View him as like the hottest man on Earth (I mean come on he's not ugly) or some cute hamster that makes you smile, and imagine your SL is like some ultra gorgeous girl.

2) MOVE MOVE MOVE. You guys know this. Now do it. 

3) Remember everything!! The human brain has the capacity to remember and store everything that we learn in our life. That's a fact. So very little room for excuses. This point includes articulation, dynamics, intonation blah blah..

4) Sit half chair ( i'm sure most of you'll are already doing this ^^)

5) Sit up straight, don't slouch. It'll affect your playing,seriously.

6) Try to use the same part of the bow to play as your SL ( I know it's a little hard to coordinate but try your best!)

7) More More More vibrato!! Vibrato like it's the last chance you'll ever get to vibrato!!!

8) Beware of the dynamics ( Although the seniors say they can hear the dynamic contrast, we must do even better to have the 'X' factor k! Not everyone is doing it, especially the fz part where there is a dim )

9) Don't keep staring at your fingerboard, maybe just for notes that you're not confident of.


11) Don't rush (We'll all be nervous, watch Mr Chan! Don't go off by yourself! )

12) Don't tap your foot when you're playing

13) Make sure your bowings are all fixed

14) Listen to your own & other sections when you play. At least your own section if you can't hear the others so that you guys will come in together. The SLs are coordinating with each other so that we'll breathe together. Watch so that we will all come in together k!

15) Enjoy yourself. I'm not being cheesy or cliche or whatever here. I mean it. Enjoy yourself, and people will enjoy the music we make.

Its probably really hard to remember all 15 points at one go, but try your best!!! If you just blank out that day, at least remember to watch & listen!

SNstrings may not be the BEST secondary ensemble  in terms of our technical skills, but we always take pride in being able to play together really well!

Some of the seniors say we're too dead.. which I'm sure you guys already know since Ms Loo has said this many times.. SM:)E!!! 10 minutes will be over in no time. All these hard work just for 10 minutes, make it count. Also, I know a lot of you have been putting in quite a lot of effort. We've seen a lot of improvement since last month, now we just need the 'X' factor. It's already the final lap! jiayous all the way~

Both pieces are actually really nice sounding:) We may have overplayed the pieces, but on that day, we must act like these pieces are the best pieces on earth. I think alot of you prefer & enjoy playing Wiren more than Canzonetta right?:) So for Canzonetta, just imagine: [theme 1] You are in a ballroom. You see a man you have a major crush on coming your way. He asks you to dance with him. [rit] You're confused, you thought he has no interest in you. [theme] But you end up accepting and dancing with him. You're really happy:)
 Can you imagine how it feels like? Play it out. Express your emotions through your instrument, through music. Canzonetta will be alot more interesting, and not quite as boring as you think. Emotion is something we're really lacking for Canzonetta so try your best!

A 'just average' playing is not good enough for SNSO. So continue working hard this final lap and make SNSO proud! Please don't be the one that everyone is unhappy with as you did not do your part. We're all in this together!

We're not expecting perfection, just a 110% of your effort.

we can definitely do it. WE WILL GET DISTINCTION. 

Yeah that's about all. Sorry for boring ya'll!! Here's a lame joke as a reward for those who read all the way: How does a lion like his meat??


Get it??:)

Haha. Anyway. 6 more days. Let's do this. We're masters are last minute crap.

Love, Atay and Ellen :D

SNSO without a doubt;
snstrings ftw

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hi stringers:)

7 days left. You all heard our current recording and the previous syf recording so I'm sure all of you now know how much more we have to work. Please continue to practice and persevere. 7 days is all we are left with. Correct the little details. Your intonation, articulation, dynamics. Every single part that the conductors and SLs have pointed out. Spend 5-10 mins on each little part and don't rush through the piece thinking you have already practiced. Practicing means perfecting small parts bit by bit. Not playing through the piece without noticing what's wrong with your playing. Some of you may think your playing is perfectly fine. But no one's playing is perfect. Not even the SLs. So please practice more and practice smart. Don't waste your time on unnecessary parts which don't really require practice. Those small little sudden dynamic contrast must be brought out more. Every single dynamic marking is placed on your score for a reason. It's not there for show. Your articulation. Length of your bow strokes, which part of the bow you use plays an impt role in your articulation. Take note of which part of the bow your SLs/ASLs use and follow them strictly. Spiccatos for example. Follow the height of your SLs bows.
MOVEMENT. This can't be taught. Just follow the flow of the music and move. Don't be shy to do it cause the shy ones are the ones who show that they can't play. At places where we have pauses, breathe together as a section/as an orchestra before coming in. Eg wiren figure 21. And at the GP, move more. Canzonetta- ESP for the accompaniment, breathe before playing each quaver or Pizz.
And again, smile when you play. It helps to give you the mood to play and it will motivate you.
Last but not least, look at MR CHAN.

Please do your best not just for this syf. But for the future of strings. This 7 days, give your all. And take care:) DON'T GIVE UP

Anne Maria:) 💗

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hey stringers!
I think shuyi already emphasized the important points. So just a reminder, we are marked based on our visuals too. Our first impression would affect our results. So move more and follow your SLs or ASLs closely. For the last 3 practice sessions, make sure you watch which part of the bow your SLs use and if you don't know how to move, follow them. The 2 most important points when playing without score would be looking at the conductor and also being alert to any changes the front desks make. If mr chan decides to take a faster or slower tempo on syf itself and you don't look at either him or your SLs then you wouldn't be on time.
Also, don't forget to SMILE :D! Smiling will show the judges that we are confident and our first impression would be good!

So Anw, the haze now is really bad and many of you are falling sick so please take care! Drink more water and don't drink so much cold drinks! Don't miss any meals too:) AND don't twist or sprain your ankles or knees ESP your fingers like me;) make sure you are careful!
I will update you all on what You need to bring and do for syf over the weekends!

Continue to persevere and let's all work towards the distinction! REST WELL & GOODNIGHT!:)

Anne Maria:)
Hey stringers!

We have 7 more days to syf, that is, 3 more rehearsals to go!
For everything the seniors have been telling all of you, things like dynamics, articulation, movement, musicality, etc. and everything Mr Chan and Dr Yeo have repeatedly corrected us for, we really hope you all take it seriously and keep practising your own parts at least for the next and last 7 days, for yourself, for your section, for our orchestra.

I know it has been an arduous journey and many of us have really improved tremendously. For that I would like to thank all of you, for putting in the effort and bearing with our constant nagging. For the next 7 days, we really need all of you, all 40 odd of us to stay together and hang on as one orchestra. Like what Dr Yeo said, an orchestra is as weak as its weakest member. I'm not sure for you, but what he said really struck me. We have come such a long way, from the start of our preparation for last year's concert till today and now, we have 7 more days to what all of us have been working hard for. We have made last year's concert a success, we definitely can make this year's syf a greater success.

All of us are in this together, no matter what, we will go out there, prepared, confident and we will perform the best we ever have, as one orchestra. For the next 7 days and our last 3 rehearsals, please try to absorb whatever Mr Chan tell us and remember everything our conductors have been telling us. On your own, pleaseplease also continue practising all the challenging parts and getting into the momentum for syf.

I know it's not going to be easy, all of us are really busy people but whenever you question the need to go through all these, think of the times you practised so hard, think of your fellow members--your friends who will be performing on the same stage with you in 7 days time--think of how hard they've practised and remember this, SNSO is a Gold with Honours orchestra, we are capable of achieving the highest honour. Most importantly, know that you are not alone, this is our syf, we are all in this together. For the last 7 days, keep believing in youselves kay! Keep believing in this orchestra and never give up. We can achieve great things if we keep together! Let's hang in there and do our conductors, teachers, seniors and ourselves proud, do our best on syf as a way to thank all these people who have helped us during this whole journey.

Lastly, do take care of yourselves! There are quite a number of people who are ill:( rest well, drink up so we can be in our best state for syf and perform our best!:) Let's give our all for the next 7 days and the 18th of April:) Jiayous we can do this together!:)


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hi stringers:)

Its 3weeks and 1 day left to syf!
Our syf pieces may sound boring to us right now but we can't give up. We're nearing the end, so put in your best and enjoy the pieces!

We've improved alot from our concert in our technique and intonation but what we're lacking of now is our musicality. Like what Ms Loo said, we need to have character and colour in our pieces, not just notes. And our contrast in dynamics is still not great enough yet.

Anyway, I've uploaded 3 videos below- the first post is nanyang girls recording and the second post is both RI's recording. Listen to it by tomorrow. They are really good, so listen and try to see how we can improve:)

So, continue to practice hard and enjoy the pieces as well! Rest well, drink lots of water(its getting hazy again) and make sure you keep yourself healthy! We can't have anyone getting sick just before SYF! GOODNIGHT!:)

Anne Maria