Wednesday, September 12, 2007


In case you havent realised, Mr Chan (and Mr Chan) is having a concert on the 19th of September, it's a Wednesday night and the concert is at 07.30pm

More Information:
"In this inaugural concert, the ensemble will perform two piano quintets representing the zenith of Romantic ideals and musical styles. These are Cesar Franck's intensely spiritual and dramatic Piano Quintet in F Minor and the ghostly and mysterious Piano Quintet in A Minor by Edward Elgar, which was inspired by a group of dead twisted trees near Brinkwells in Sussex, and is often regarded as a quasi-programmatic work.
The musicians in the current series are violinists Foo Say Ming and Lim Shue Shurn, cellist Chan Weishing and Young Artist Award winners Lim Yan (piano) and Chan Yoong Han (viola)."

It isn't exam period yet and for the Greens, you should have no problem with exams I presume. And it'll be a good experience for you all (: Please do try and support Mr Chan k. Tickets are going at $23 and yes i know it might be a teensy little bit steeper than the other concerts we've been to but this one is different. For one, it's at the Esplanade so do try and make it. Let me know if you're interested in going so I can get the tickets kayyyy (:
All the best for exams!