Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hello stringers!

How was the new piece today HAHAHA okay I know it sounds pretty horrible now but go check it out on youtube it's actually a pretty interesting piece :)

Anyway here are some reminders in case you've forgotten them/never heard of them before:

1. SIT HALF CHAIR AND DON'T SLOUCH WHEN PLAYING for those sitting seriously most of you all are doing it (well done) but there's still a minority sitting full chair and all please remember to sit properly okay repeat offenders will have wet towels hung on their chairs huehuehue
2. No talking during rehearsals, or at most just whisper! I guess a small joke and a harmless passing comment here and there are okay but please don't talk about your boyfriends or pets or potatoes or how you messed up painting your toenails you have 24 hours a day and rehearsal takes up only 3 hours so pls CONTROL THE URGE TO SPEAK MY CHILDREN CONTROL
3. Don't practice your parts when the conductor is standing in front! It doesn't matter if he or she is focusing on another section or talking about an upcoming concert or just scrutinising the score, because respect must be given at all times. Even if you've just received the score and you're not sure how to play (like today), DON'T PRACTICE WE'RE ALL SIGHT-READING TOGETHER *cue high school musical*
5. ^same goes to whoever is making an announcement. No talking when an announcement is being made okai
6. Shoes in neat rows outside and bags and cases in neat rows in the utility room! I think this is pretty okay keep it up :)
7. Please don't just leave school right after packing your stuff, because sometimes we may have important announcements! Even if we don't just pop back into the MEP room to help pack up more efficiently or (if you're really in a rush) at least ask any leader if there's anything else you need to know before leaving. Most of us don't really have this habit of popping back in and it's quite troublesome because we can't make announcements when half the population is gone, so start cultivating this habit from the next session onwards okay!

I think that's it for now hehe GOOD NIGHT EVERYBADI 记得吃饭喝水睡觉 byebye

OHH PS remember to print your respective scores by Friday don't print wrongly or forget to print ahh

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

You may cry now ((watch in hd))


HI GUYS THIS PLACE IS SO DEAD AIYO anyway hello everybadi how's your weekend hope it's going okay ((it rhymed))

So the yellows have officially stepped down :( we wish you all the best in your future endeavours! Jiayou and go stab Os repeatedly with a butter knife you're all gonna come out tops ya :D

And we have our new exco!


Admin Comm

President Renee

Vice-presidents Glenda and Yiman

Secretary Esther

Welfare and Comms Germaine and Sijin

(the one in the middle)

Librarian Tricia

Quarter Mistress Wenqi and Victoria

Assistant Secretary Phylicia

Assistant Welfare and Comms Xindi

Assistant Librarian Nicole

Assistant Quarter Mistress Tanya 
(Tanya what are you looking at)

Sec 4 Level Co Ching Yung

Sec 3 Level Co Clarisse

Sec 2 Level Co Jamin

Music Comm

Concert Mistress/Violin I SL Yiman
(as requested)

Assistant Concert Mistress/ Violin I ASL Joelle

Violin II SL Glenda

Violin II ASL Xin Jie
(what you pointing at)

Viola SL Tricia

Viola ASL Madelaine

Cello SL Xin Ying

Cello ASL Sijin

Bass SL Germaine

Bass ASL Jermayne

Ayeeee everyone looking bootipul :") congrats everyone! Even if you didn't get a post, there's nothing stopping you from contributing okai :D one for all, all for one yeah? And if you want a glammer photo just text me HAHAHA

That's all for now hehe good night :)

Much lub,
Germaine :D