Sunday, July 13, 2014


HI GUYS THIS PLACE IS SO DEAD AIYO anyway hello everybadi how's your weekend hope it's going okay ((it rhymed))

So the yellows have officially stepped down :( we wish you all the best in your future endeavours! Jiayou and go stab Os repeatedly with a butter knife you're all gonna come out tops ya :D

And we have our new exco!


Admin Comm

President Renee

Vice-presidents Glenda and Yiman

Secretary Esther

Welfare and Comms Germaine and Sijin

(the one in the middle)

Librarian Tricia

Quarter Mistress Wenqi and Victoria

Assistant Secretary Phylicia

Assistant Welfare and Comms Xindi

Assistant Librarian Nicole

Assistant Quarter Mistress Tanya 
(Tanya what are you looking at)

Sec 4 Level Co Ching Yung

Sec 3 Level Co Clarisse

Sec 2 Level Co Jamin

Music Comm

Concert Mistress/Violin I SL Yiman
(as requested)

Assistant Concert Mistress/ Violin I ASL Joelle

Violin II SL Glenda

Violin II ASL Xin Jie
(what you pointing at)

Viola SL Tricia

Viola ASL Madelaine

Cello SL Xin Ying

Cello ASL Sijin

Bass SL Germaine

Bass ASL Jermayne

Ayeeee everyone looking bootipul :") congrats everyone! Even if you didn't get a post, there's nothing stopping you from contributing okai :D one for all, all for one yeah? And if you want a glammer photo just text me HAHAHA

That's all for now hehe good night :)

Much lub,
Germaine :D

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