Monday, March 31, 2008

Hello all, please continue practising hard for all those who are doing so! For those who are not, you better do so or you will find me behind you one day with a saucepan raised over your head. Hahaha kidding BUT PLEASE PRACTISE! DO NOT BECOME COMPLACENT.

So that:
1) Rehearsals will not be spent correcting intonation (ahem)
2) Rehearsals will not be spent getting the rhythm right
3) Rehearsals will not be spent with your SLs telling you to REMEMBER THE DYNAMICS
4) Rehearsals can be spent coordinating all sections together so that we sound like a single unit, instead of several sections made of several people. So that we can actually focus on the music.

If any of you are not sure about anything about the pieces, you can go bug your SLs who will be most happy to answer your questions.


<3 from You-Know-Who