Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hello Stringers!

Ahh, my last cca session has officially ended yesterday. Honestly, even though I don't like orchestra practices because I get tired from standing up all the time and my fingers hurt like hell from pressing the thick strings down, I'm going to miss all the practices.

I'm going to miss how we always complain about setting up and packing up, I'm going to miss how we always anticipate that 15 minute break, I'm going to miss practicing with the orchestra.

It was by pure luck that I got into SNSO, I'm sure if that on that day of cca auditions in sec 1, if I hadn't said that I agreed to play the bass, I wouldn't even be in this cca. I'd probably be in infocomm. But I'm glad that I said I'm okay with playing the bass, because I'm glad that I got in SNSO.

SNSO has given me such great experiences. From practicing like mad to performing in front of other people to competing, I enjoyed the three years in SNSO.

28th April 2011.

That is the most memorable date for me in the three years I've been in SNSO.

The anxiety we all felt before we got on stage, all of our hearts pounding as we looked at Mrchan to give us the cue to start. The relief after we finished playing the pieces because we knew we had done our very best and that it was enough. The immense joy we felt when the announcer said "ST16 - CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School Gold With Honours".

It felt like all those months of eating bread for recess, all those months of intense practices and blisters, was worth it.

Yellows, I hope that you guys won't give up practicing alright? I know it can be tough, especially for the majority of you who just picked up your instrument, I understand since I've been there too. But don't give up and keep practicing, you guys will definitely keep improving in your playing! Ask your seniors for help if you still can't play well, they'll be more than willing to help you, I'm sure your seniors won't bite!

So yeah, that's it for this super long post. All the best for the concert at the end of the year!!! :D


SNSO: without a doubt