Friday, August 19, 2011

Hey Stringers!

Just a short post here!

1.Remember to wear your strings tee, and pe shorts with pinafore over when you come to school! Also wear your school shoes and school socks.
2. Report by 8am! There's no reason to be late because you guys no need to set up! So please be on time.

Have a good night rest! :) Please be nice to the Minds people like what beverly and michelle have been telling you guys the past 2 cca days! And also, enjoy yourselves! :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hello Stringers! :3

My first post here hehehe :> I'm suppose to keep this blog alive... D: Anyway, i hope you guys do come to read the blog omg D: I bet all of you don't, do you! Too lazy to even click SNSO's fabulous link D: I'm digressing... i'm suppose to be here to tell you about the upcoming CIP! ):

OKAY. I hope you guys DID NOT forget about our CIP! And THE EMPTY PLASTIC BOTTLES you need to bring. I think you guys did, judging from how sloth-ish you guys were when i was making the announcement): Nonetheless, i shall repeat myself, with the 5 'W's and 1 'H' :>

WHAT: CIP with MINDS Children!
WHEN: 20 August, Saturday (9am - 12pm)
830am sharp to arrive!
WHO: SNSO obviously ^^ With YOUR INSTRUMENTS AND SCORES remember! It'd be dreadful trying to play Snake River Stomp by memory since it'd eventually become Snake River flop. Oh! And please remember we are wearing our Black Strings Tee, PE shorts and pinafore. You may remove your pinafore during activities but in and out of school is a NONO. And our dear MINDS children!(:
WHERE: School!
HOW: How what how. Just get your instruments and self here and GO WITH THE FLOOOWWW.

I didn't include WHY, because the reason of our CIP is because SNSO, being very kind-hearted and lovely, will be naturally willing to help the needy ^^ (Right?)

Okay, so please remember everything stated up there! And colouring materials. You guys will be split RANDOMLY into groups(: No negotiating or bargaining, unless you like to face the wrath of the teachers :O

Please be punctual and practise the two pieces!! :O We don't want the MINDS children to get bombarded with horrible sounds): I know SNSO can do it ^^ Good luck for CA3, and i hope to see all of you there on Saturday! :3