Sunday, June 24, 2007

(3 Jul, 7.30 pm)

The concert showcases some of the best Western and Ethnic Instrumental groups, from 8 schools: Nanhua High School, Yuhua Secondary School, Nan Chiau High School, Siglap Secondary School, Evergreen Secondary School, Xinmin Secondary School, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School and Tampines Junior College.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Concord'07 by Hwa Chong Institution String Orchestra with the Melbourne Boys Choir
11th July 2007
Victoria Concert Hall
Tickets @ $12 (please note the change)

Contact your very trustworthy Communications Manager Claudice Wee to order tickets

Please support HCISO!

(HCISO SAYS, if SNSO buys more than 30 tickets from them, you'll get the tickets at $11.50! It's a very, very special Friends of HCISO deal ONLY for SNSO!)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hello Stringers! I'm so happy you all are starting on the Dvorak Serenade for Strings :) although it's an extremely tough piece, it's a beautiful one - and very challenging too! Just take it as a study for the entire orchestra. This piece does not only need YOUR individual effort (by practicing all the notes, phrasings, intonation, etc..), it also requires A LOT of orchestra effort (in terms of phrasings, syncopation, tricky rhythms, overall texture of the piece)

So, we seniors hope that all of you will practice hard! And maybe soon, every single on of you will be able to play all 5 movements! I'll be waiting for that day okay! Oh man, I feel so old. Anyway, the Reds have graduated from string but that won't stop us from supporting every single one of you ALL THE WAY. So if anyone of you have any problems, please FEEL VERY FREE to contact any of us!

I'm trying to load all 5 movements in to the string gmail, but somehow gmail is conked up, so just check it regularly and the recordings may pop up!


Oh yes! Japan trip is CONFIRMED ok (though not the date, but it'll be somewhere around November 27 to December 1) It's a pure REWARD and FUN trip for us so NO INSTRUMENTS WILL BE REQUIRED!


Saturday, June 09, 2007

hello all!

sorry, some amendments to the earlier post about the camp kit list. now, instead of coming in your pe attire / level tshirt, please come in your string shirt and shorts and instead pack the pe attire / level tshirt. just do so okay, if you don't have your string shirt come in a dark coloured shirt, if you think logically you will know why (:

anyway just to confirm the red badges who will be coming, because we will be preparing lunch for you all so if you don't want / want lunch but your names are / are not here, please tell wenman / jessica / me / tag on the board asap because we have to change orders and all.
Jo Hsi
Zi Qian
Fen Wee

this list is not 100% confirmed, so please help ask around to help us double check. and so far the people not going for camp and will be overseas are Sue Hern, Yoceeda and Jomain. only 3 that i've heard, if there's more please tell us also.

that's all for now, thank youuuuuuuu (: please check your emails cause we might be sending stuff to you (:


Monday, June 04, 2007

hello stringers! (:
the string camp is from 18th june to 19th june in case you all forgot! and umm cause we are not seeing you until the day itself, we can only pass you all the camp kit list through this blog. but don't worry, when we get the list of all your emails (blue badges) we will send it to you again. green badges, i only have yingtong's email so if you see this, uh you can either leave your email at the tagboard, or message either amanda or i your email, if not your poor level co would have to somehow find a way to pass you all the camp kit list hahaha! yep (:

okay so here is the camp kit list. its fine with us if you want to bring additional stuff, but please make sure you bring all the stuff on the camp kit list yes, cause... yah we don't have extras (:

-String Tee
-PE Shorts
-1 set of clothes to sleep in (optional)
-Sleeping Bag
-Money (at least 5 bucks, but not too much!)
-Your darling instruments
-Your beautiful scores, a pencil and a eraser (one set per stand if not there would be a fine of 2 bucks each stand for anything missing! don't say we didn't warn you!)

your reporting time on 18th june is 0830hrs. you would also be fined if you are late! please be in your PE attire and shorts and proper shoes, pinafore optional (:

what else. ummmmm. oh yes level cos if you know of anybody in your level who is definitely not coming for camp please tell us so we will not like have extra food that kind of thing, especially the sec1s! yep that's all i think.

if you all don't have your string shirt or cannot fit into it anymore or cannot find it, then uhhh any black shirt will do (: sec2s if you want to wear your level tee, you can wear it on the first day when you are reporting because we will be playing games on that day and a black shirt might be a little hot... yep and the second day there's not much activities, so (:

okay i hope i will get the emails of the sec1s soon so that i can send you all the camp kit list again for those who do not read blogs. do not fall sick okay! we all must be healthy and happy and ready for the string camp hahaha :D

<3 cassandra

P.S. Yoohoo! This is your treasurer (: For those who ordered the photos, please bring the money for your SYF photos during string camp as we have a deadline to meet if we want a probable discount on the price of the photos. We need the cash latest by the first practice when school reopens, 26 June. Our lovely Red Badges also, thank you (: