Friday, March 30, 2007

HELLO MR CHAN! Since you're coming here to visit like now, here are gorgeous pictures of you to ogle at.

How artistic.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

People who decide to try escaping the payment of the dollars, will either cause other people to suffer or suffer the concequences themselves. For example, ten people were supposed to pay me a dollar each on Tuesday. However three of you decided to cheat and watch where the others went to get their shoes. Guess what, we know only one of those three and this one person shall pay the three missing dollars. Not fair? Look who's talking. Nothing good comes out from trying to beat the system. I will hunt you down.

If you have difficulties paying one freaking dollar, what the hell are you doing in string orchestra. Do you have any idea how much you pay for lessons and stuff or do you do the same to your tutor.

People who come down for recess practices but do not bring their instruments, either start bringing your instruments or go and die because what's the point of coming down to talk and eat. If ever we need someone to do that on stage while everyone's playing, we'll call you to have a picnic in the mep room every recess.

People who come down a few times a week, come everyday. It's not like we all don't need to practise anymore. Do you know, that you are not perfect.

People who take their time coming down, or take their time taking out their instruments to practise, grow ten more arms so that they can all slap and push you to make you go faster.

People who think it is very silly of me to do what I do, I totally agree with you. I can make you do more silly things, I can make more silly things happen to you and your things. If you want to give a silly lifestyle a try, let me know. I will make everything happen for you.

If you don't start accepting the sufferings you deserve, I will bring the sufferings to you.

- A very disappointed and pissed DM.
HELLO! Just to remind all of you, String practices will increase to 3 times a week starting from 5th April (day before Good Friday)

Practice schedules and times are as stated:

30th March, Friday - 1515-1830
3rd April, Tuesday - 1515-1830
5th April, Thursday - 1515-1730
6th April, Friday - NO PRACTICE (Good Friday)
10th April, Tuesday - 1515-1830
12th April, Thursday - 1515-1730
13th April, Friday - 1515-1830 (Also, performance at the family lounge during recess)
17th April, Tuesday -1515-1830 (After that, scoot off to S.C.H for final SYF practice!!! :S)
19th April, Thursday - 1515-1730 (FINAL PRACTICE! GO HOME AND REST!)

Only EIGHT more practices before SYF! :SSS we can do it we can do it! <3

Thursday, March 22, 2007

2007 SYF Secondary Schools String Orchestra Lineup

1. Dunman Sec
2. ACS (I)
3. RI
4. RGS
5. CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School
6. Nanyang Girls
7. MGS
8. Dunman High
9. St. Margs
10. TKGS
11. Nan Chiau
12. HCI

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

HELLO ALL YOU DEAR SNSTRINGERS! :) Here are just SOME of the many many many pictures we took during our 3 day holiday romp - HAHA. All of you better start being extremely nice to me now cos I have all your UNGLAM photographs! :DDDD

Seeking help from The One and only Chan Wei Shing HAHA.

Before Orch prac

Sticking stuff onto Sue Hern's head


When Suxian suddenly woke up and scared the daylights out of everybody.

Nat's 'worthy-of-an-Organics-advertisement' hair

I love Jessalyn's look <3

Weng Jun, Cass, Wen Man, Amanda

More, more games with silly stuff on our foreheads

Part of the organizing committee (Thank you Yellows!)

They transformed the MEP room HAHA.

Learning the hand clappy-wappy thing


Love, Jana

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hellooooo. We can do it ! :)
Let's work very very hard!
I sound way over-optimistic buttttt weeeeeeee must dooooo it !!!!!!
We can We can WE CAN.

And NO you can't say you can't :)


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A wise woman once said, “One little change in an individual brings a whole good to the orchestra.”

That wise woman is Lin Zixin.


Friday, March 09, 2007

hey stringers! :D guess what,change of plans for march hols after some discussion and all ):

tuesday: one thirty to two thirty is playing,two thirty to three thirty is sectionals and then Mr chan will conduct whole orch.(there's instructors for the sectionals)

thursday:same as tuesday :/

friday:sectionals start at 2 but all to report by one thirty,after orch prac conducted by mr chan then is play time! (:

the sec 3s planned out alr,anything find cass!

anyways,hope eveyone is doing fine,it's just less than 40 days now,just hang in there do your best and put in all the effort,remember it's the journey not the destination! sec4s rmb to have all the fun you can have ya? dont be stress and be there for each other!

i love stringers,all the way :D


Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hello Stringers! Hope you all aren't too stressed out with school and SYF and other stuff :) anyway, during the 3 day March camp, the comm will be holding a Heart-to-Heart talk with all of you to see how all of you are coping :) so don't be afraid to voice out any honest opinions you have and stuff like that.

And yes, our first S.C.H rehearsal is in 17 days time! REMINDER REMINDER! Please ensure that every minute is properly spent in the hall. It is vital (yes hahaha).

And our dear, darling, delectable, dominating, dopey Mr. Chan will now be conducting us for practice on BOTH Tuesdays and Fridays. So, stop being distracted by his pimple on his nose (or rather, that red spottish thingy) and his super chaota tan (from diving and frolicing with sea turtles and stingrays) and PLAY WELL LA - WALAU.