Wednesday, December 22, 2010

OMM Goes to the Movies!
by the Orchestra of the Music Makers

Time: Saturday, January 8, 2011 · 7:30pm - 10:30p

Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall

Conductor: Chan Tze Law
Soloist: Edward Tan (Violin)
Choir: Victoria Chorale
Chorus Master: Nelson Kwei

JERRY GOLDSMITH Star Trek: First Contact - Main Theme
MIKLOS ROZSA Ben Hur: Choral Suite
ERICH KORNGOLD Violin Concerto in D major

JOHN WILLIAMS Suite from 'Star Wars: The Phantom Menace' (including Duel of the Fates)
GUSTAV MAHLER Adagietto from Symphony No.5, from 'Death in Venice'
JOHN WILLIAMS Suite from 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone'
JOHN WILLIAMS Flight to Neverland from 'Hook'
JOHN WILLIAMS Dry Your Tears Afrika from 'Amistad'
HANS ZIMMER Suite from 'The Lion King’

The Orchestra of the Music Makers (OMM) opens its 2011 concert season
with wonderfully familiar original scores from your favourite movies!
Come on a fantastic journey with us as we take a flight on a
broomstick in the magical world of Harry Potter, relive the galatic
battles in Star Wars, journey with the Enterprise in Star Trek, and
take an adventure on the savannah in The Lion King.

Adding further magic to the night is OMM Concertmaster Edward Tan
performing the film-inspired Violin Concerto by composer Erich
Korngold. Edward is a multiple prizewinner at Singapore’s National
Piano and Violin Competition and currently a Masters student at Yale
studying violin performance.

Tickets at $35, $25, $19, $12 available from SISTIC.

I think Jana (our senior) is performing in this concert (: PLEASE TRY TO GO IF YOU CAN!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hope you guys are still practising even while you are enjoying your holidays (:

For those who do not know, cca days next year will be
Thursday & Friday, 330pm - 630pm.
Also, since it's SYF next year, we will have practice on Tuesday, 330pm - 630pm as well starting from January until end of SYF. Block your days!

TKGS String Ensemble Concert:
9th January 2010

TKGS is going for SYF next year too, so do go and listen to how other orchestras play and pick up the good points from them! More details will be given to you guys once i get them. Meanwhile, pls let me know if you are interested to go for it!

AND pls remember to do your part for cca fair! (souvenirs + stickers + posters)