Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hey yo stringalings!

How's the blogskin! It's not the final one yet and we'll continue touching it up!:D

It's the holy days now and all of us are studying and mugging. But remember to relax too! When you want to take a break, just take out your instru and play some scales or a small part of Mozart's Eine Kleine or Tchaikovsky! It's good to have some practice!

Oh and to all the sec1s and sec2s performing, ALL THE BEST AND JIAYOU! Play and WOW the audience yeah!

loveeeeeeeeeee you guys to bits!
We finally changed our blogskin!!! Special thanks to Ying Tong(老板/boss) for creating it =D
We're stil in the process of editing the skin and the background pic (which does not include the greys) is just temporary. So don't worry, everyone will have their faces pasted on the blog soon... >:D eheheh.

<3 老板娘