Thursday, April 30, 2009

On behalf of string, we congratulate all string orchestra for putting in a lot of hard work for this SYF performance (: we have put in our very best to make this performance the ultimate best (: a round of applause for all string orchestra! WELL DONE!! (:

We are all super super proud of each and everyone of you guys!! WE DID IT!! WE ROCK MAN, and women!! (: we made an impact and wow everyone! we have proved that we girls are able to play manly songs well! don't care about what others say, in our hearts, we know that we have put in 150% into our playing, we have put in a lot of effort!! We love every single one of you guys!!

now our next mission: JUBILATE!!!! we're gonna practice super super hard to prove that we deserved it! we're gonna shock everyone with our loud, impressive and incredible playing!! everyone is gonna sit up straight and listen to us!

We WILL move like lallangs (basses!), smile confidently, stare at Mr Chan, pluck with such great movements, breathe together making the audience breathe together with us, cellos will play like yankee doodle (: (: (; we will WOW every single one!!

so string, do not feel upset! take this as a learning experience, the best memories we've ever had. JUBILATE, We WILL LEAVE THE BEST IMPRESSION EVER!! WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!! DON'T GIVE UP!!

REMEMBER OUR SMALL WORLD (: it consists of SNSTRING, OUR MUSIC, MEP ROOM, METRONOME, MR CHAN AND THE BATON (: (: (: i love our small world !!


As I am typing this, I'm wondering how long I'd be able to post like this.

As I am typing this, our recording is playing in the background.

As I am typing this, my keyboard is gradually getting wetter and wetter.

No don't get me wrong, I am not disappointed nor am I angry or sad.

These are tears of joy for me. No, not only me, your seniors and I were on the phone, listening to it, crying.


We were good. No matter what others think, we were good. We played with all we had, gave it our best shot and let me tell you this. I don't and I never will regret what we did, what we played.

Yes we lost what we had wanted but we gained so many new things in the process. The other orchestras were fantastic, snstring please don't criticize. Learn from them, and improve ourselves. We have so much we can learn from them, every single one.

This is not our final year in SYF. Not for SNSTRING.
2 years, 4 years, 6 years, 8 years and even more later, you stringers will still be performing.

We got a gold this year. Let me tell you this, we won't be denied an honours for long. Who do you think we are?

We're SNSTRINGERS aren't we?

One time isn't going to put us in a slump forever.

My dears, cry now if you want. Cry and relieve all the stress we have been carrying on our weary shoulders. But promise me stringers, that once we're done crying, pick yourselves up again and move on.

Reach for higher places and grasp the stars. Because we want to, because we can.

I have never been so proud of something before. I am not disappointed with us, never was. What I am feeling right now is really too complex to be put into words and this feeling is something only we stringers can understand. Only we, who played on that very stage can understand.

It's alright if everyone else thinks that we're screwed. Because we're not. We all know that don't we stringers? It doesn't matter if all everyone else want is the result because we know that deep down, we've gotten it already.

I'm not asking you to delude yourselves. But just know that SNSTRING was brilliant. Know that and strive to be better, better and then, the best. We were true performers on the 29th.
True snstringers and I love you all for that.

Our love for string exceeds gold with honours.

SNSTRINGERS we have one last performance this year! Practice and we will show the world what we're made of. Let your love for Rounds and Britten grow. Don't let 2009 become a painful memory, it is not,
We will spend the rest of this year growing closer, becoming stronger. We will spend the rest of 2009 in joy.

We deserve it don't we stringers?

This is my last year wearing our beautiful uniform, Jubilate is my last. Make this the best Jubilate we have ever played in.



Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Monday, April 27, 2009


yes another post :D A LONG ONE.

Tomorrow is our last time before we take centre stage. The last time we'll rehearse as an orchestra before we shine as one. Yes we'll give it our best. We're going to go up there, and give it our all. We'll shock the audience, shock the judges, shock Mr Chan. Heck, we're going to shock ourselves.

Not with a whole bunch out-of-tune notes, notes that don't exist in the score, late/early entrances/exits, a plain boring piece of whatever you want to call it.


We're going to show them what we're really made of (not sugar, spice and everything nice). What our music is truly truly made of.

We grasped the fact that yes, we do want that gold with honours. We've proven it to ourselves that we want it, we've proven to our seniors, friends that we want it. We've proven it to the teachers, Mr Chan that we want it.

We're going to prove to the audience that we want it. We're going to prove to the judges that we want it. We're going to prove that we girls, are about as manly as a guy can get.
Yes, we are (albeit a bit weird to say so).

We've come so far. Dragged ourselves back from all those times of disappointment, anger and hopelessness. Even when others gave up on us, we didn't give up on ourselves. We proved our worth to them and we will render them speechless on Wednesday.

The last time we went in, we came out crying. We ended our piece knowing that it was the best we had ever played and string, we are going to feel the same way this time. I know we will.

We'll exchange glances on stage, uncertain, worried, nervous at the beginning. But I know that as our last note rings throughout the hall, we will stand and smile at the audience (smile, not grimace) and walk off stage, unable to contain our tears our joy.

We will walk backstage, laughter and tears all rolled up into one and we will confidently tell our friends praying for us back in school, our teachers, everyone that our music was brilliant, exceptional, excellent, stellar.

In other words, our music was what we wanted it to be.

Forget what others say, forget what our peers achieved, forget expectations placed on us. Because right now, it's only us and our music. Nothing else matters.

When we walk on stage, the hall will be empty, no audience, no judges. Just our dear orchestra, our dear music and our charming conductor and his baton.

My dears, from now on, his baton will be the apple of your eye.

On Wednesday morning, you will be scared. You will tell me you are scared.
Then I'll tell you i'm scared shitless. Sure, it's normal to be scared, afraid, I'm not telling you to lie to yourself and say no I am not scared at all. Nor am i telling you to be really scared with me.

I'm telling you that you're not alone, as cliche as it sounds, we're all in this together. We are an orchestra, we chose this path and we're going to do this together.

Remember eveything single thing Mr Chan, your tutors, your SLs and I told you. Remember them like you would remember how scared you will be, how intimidating the hall is going to get.

I didn't talk my voice hoarse for nothing today.

Remember that.

We're on our 6th lap, and we're not going to flop dead. We're going to go full speed, we're going to give it all we've got. We're going to fight tooth and nail for what we want, what we deserve.

We're going to be one sound, beat with one heart, play with one goal in mind, play with one soul.

Because we are one.

Snstring. This is all my love for you.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I just want to say ALL THE BEST in the upcoming Singapore Youth Festival on Wednesday :)

I know you all have worked sooo hard for it and amidst all that drama and tears (plus eating toast for the past few months and sacrificing that lovely dish of an orange bowl), I am confident that each and every single one of you will triumph and gain the results that you all want :)

Play your best, remember to look at Mr. Chan and breathe! I have x435342346 confidence in all of you! I really wish I could be there though :( be in the excitement of things and sharing this wonderful experience with all of you, BUT I'LL BE CHEERING YOU ON IN AUSTRALIA! Mak Carmen Rachel you better remember to sms me then I'll call you all :) 



PLAY YOUR VERY BEST AND LIKE WHAT MR GOH SAID WE WILL.....................................


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hello Stringers, it's 5 more days to SYF! ! ! We all know what Mr Chan said today right :) BUT we must continue to practice hard, only then we can get *ahem* we all know what we want.

It's been 4, almost 5 very long months of eating bread, playing the same songs over and over again, and again. But from January till now, we've improved in small steps, large steps, and finally in leaps and bounds and somersaults! Now it's the last 5 days, GO STRING! It doesn't matter what the other schools are playing, because we know that with our music we'll achieve our goal! This time we don't have Hope (peter hope), we have certainty (WITHOUT A DOUBT!)

So, everyone must remember what Mr Chan, Mr Goh, Mrs Tham, Ms Foo, your SLs, Jessalyn says and remember to do it!

St Nicholas String Orchestra, all the way!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This is our final lap.

We've come so far and we all know we're going to go even further.

We've got one whole school and more praying for us, believing in us.

We've got it all laid out.

We just have to take this plunge and reach for it together.

Because we want to

Because we can

Let's do this together.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hello String,
Heard the news??
Band, Modern Dance, Choir all came back with Gold With Honours(:
Pressurising, but We CAN do it too(:
Hope you have been practising dilligently! I dont want any WhatIfs or IShouldHave's on 29th! give it your all(:
If you're gonna say "I should have practised more", Practise NOW! before its too late(:
1 week to go, persevere!


p.s please control yourselves during britten:/

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


and we WILL and MUST get better and better then BEST (:

WORK HARD! one of our piece (which i'm not allowed to post on this blog until the end of syf) is the FIRST to be played in SINGAPORE and maybe, SOUTHEAST ASIA or even ASIA!!!

we will play the piece to our extreme extreme best and get EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS to infinity and beyond(: (: (: WOOHOO!!!!

Tickets for Jubilate on the 22nd of may at Republic Poly is selling at $30. Pls let any stringers know if you would like to get tickets (: there are limited number of tickets!!! SNSO will be playing second premiere of a certain piece in the whole of singapore during jubilate!!