Saturday, May 16, 2009


Hey stringers!

Jubilate is coming REAL SOON, so here are some things to take note of!

So based on our syf recording...

1) Intonation
Take note of this for the running down scales, for example Rounds bar 17. It sounded horrible in the recording, but then again, it might be because of the not really good recording quality.

2) SHORT (Articulation/Accents)
Yes, the acoustics of the hall wasn't very good during syf, but ANYWAY, just play it short. Then it won't sound so draggy! Yep.

Ok thats all for the SYF pieces. I think.

As for Hope, just look at Mr Chan and know what he's doing so you can come in on time. And take note of the dynamics.

THAT'S ALL! Jiayous stringers!!!!! WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!!! =)

-Li Ting

Friday, May 01, 2009

Dear Juniors :)

This is Jana here. I know many of you are disappointed with the results but I am glad that your seniors (Jessalyn, Olivia.. Vanessa... etc.) are taking it with good spirits. Yes, SNSO didn't reach its goal of getting the very-much-desired Gold With Honours prize, but didn't every single one of you have a GWH SYF journey?

I know it is tough to go out to face the other CCAs when the Symphonic Band, Chinese Orchestra, Choir and Modern Dance all got the GWH, and I do know that your peers have been 'looking down' on SNSO just because we didn't get the GWH. Trust me, I know that how it feels. But you see, the SYF is more than just getting a 'brand' for the orchestra, it is forging bonds with your orchestra mates throughout the months of intense preparations, it is going through so much drama and hatred and yet love and adoration for every little thing about SYF - whether be it the people, your instrument, the piece, the conductor.

Having been through 3 SYFs and a long-time member of SNSO, I do know the excitement and the joy that SYF brings, as well as the disappointment and the tears.

Just a few days ago, SNSO walked out of the RP auditorium in tears, shaking with shock and crying with disappointment. But every single one of you did a STUNNING job and I know (trust me haha) the amount of hard work, the skipping of many recesses, the amount of sandwich bread eaten, the hours of practicing till you feel like ripping your scores apart. Every single one of us who is and was part of the SNSO family knows how much harder we have to work to achieve the kind of standard we have now.

And of course, not forgetting the very handsome and cool man that brought us to this stage: our dear conductor Mr. Chan Wei Shing.

He has never ever given up on us even when we were literally playing like... um.. like... cats. And that is a testament to how much faith he has in the potential of SNSO. Your seniors are always cheering SNSO on, because even though we've left, there's always a part of us that will till remain with SNSO. That is the beauty of an SNSO girl.

So never give up on SNSO, your peers and most importantly, yourselves. 

I am so terribly proud of every single one of you. And despite the results we have achieved, dear SNSO, we are still a GWH orchestra.

Fight on! And remember to play with all your heart and soul for Jubilate, and prove everybody that SNSO is of great quality, spirit and determination.

To the rest of the juniors who will be in SYF 2011, I hope all of you have learned from this experience, and continue to hunger for that goal every orchestra has for SYF.

All the best :)
Jana .