Friday, November 30, 2007

hi i haven't been here in a long long long time! hahahaha anyway i hope you all had fun at the day camp today with RVSE (i hope its not wrong, sorry if it is!). i think we all enjoyed ourselves during the games session right! especially the uh butt exercising game hahahaha. good job organising the games blue badges :) was really happy to see you all enjoy yourself (yingtong was very good doing the charades of 'hua mulan' hahahahaha!) hopefully we'll get to do such stuff next year, pray hard! here are the group pictures:


anyway i miss japan :(

you'd never find this sort of scenery in singapore!

stringers at mount fuji! (koped from claudice)

anyway there's no more string practice for the yearrrrrr, i hope you all will have a good holiday and enjoy yourself! :)

blue badges remember to do the banner okay! has to be up by 14th dec. i think you all should be able to do a good job :) go go go!

green badges remember to come up with the ideas for the souvenir! something creative and nice :)

enjoy your holidays everybody! take care :)

<3 cassandra :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

I found this on one of my RISE friend's blog. It's so hilarious:

"To the other schools, eg. ACSI, Dunman High, SNGS (hot man), NYGH, ri thereby wishes you congratulations on your success."

HAHAHA. Anyway, we're going to Japan today! Yay! :)


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hi loves,
Jackets have arrived and are currently residing in our dearest Mep room. Do understand that to control the collection and to make sure that everyone who has ordered gets their jacket AND that they get the size they have ordered, DO NOT take the jackets unless anyone of the Comm members are there okay?
Thank you dears

P.S. Final checkups are tomorrow! PRACTICEEEE


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hello stringers (:
I come bearing good news k! Your jackets will be delivered on Thursday at 2pm. So to those that want your jackets on Thursday instead of Friday lmk or leave me a text message so I know to look out for you k.
Also because your jackets are coming on Thursday, means that the balance of $546 has to be in by Thursday, ahem ahem.

So do lmk k, if not just collect on Friday yep!