Monday, November 04, 2013

The New Exco :D

Hey Guys!

I'm sure some of you out there still do not know some of the positions the different people are running!

And especially since this year is one of the special alternate years when we have SYF, some of our Sec 1 juniors do not really know their seniors too well, vice versa.

Try to socialize among the other color badges too! :D I can guarantee that most of them are really nice when you get to know them better! <3 nbsp="" p="">
So, here's the Exco positions and their members!

President Zhi Shyuan

Vice President Jean Hann

Concert Mistress Jaz

Assistant Concert Mistress  Yi Man 

Student Conductor Xiao Wen

Secretary Nicole (Ong)

Welfare and Co Evonne and Xiao Wen

Assistant Welfare and Co Glenda

Librarian Ting Hsuan

Assistant Librarian Esther

Sec 1 Level Co Nicole (Lim)

Sec 2 Level Co Renee

Sec 3 Level Co Carissa

Violin II SL Valerie

Violin II ASL Glenda

Viola SL Zanna

Viola ASL Carissa

Cello SL Rachel

Cello ASL Xin Ying

Bass SL Zhi Shyuan

Bass ASL Germaine

Hope this helps you get to know the different positions of the Exco board better!

~Glenda :D